Weeping Willow's Wedding Bells

on love and the excitement of the future
22/04/2020. total words: 349

lay down on your hips with me under the weeping willow's roots, head on the mossy bark and a song of summer on your lips. tell me your every desire, your ever dream. drift through the afternoon breeze, the wandering's daylight, until waking up is but a soft and hopeful thing.
until the weeping willow, oh how she wept for us on our wedding day, the chiming of the bells - those golden, gilded bells! - ringing out with a song of springtime on their brass.
fall asleep at the weeping willow's roots and tell me of your dreams. the sundown sorrow breaking with the dawn through the night, the stars above witness my vow upon the midnight breeze.
so this is my promise to you. bring your favourite shooting stars, wrap them in ribbons of roses, of sweet campfire smoke. a kissing cousin to the lightning strike of your laughter on the rolling seas.
don't forget the cassette tape, leave your wallet on the windowsill. it's not like it held identification, where we're going. you stole my name and i stole yours, we don't own anything but each other.
the willow wept as we wandered into that great, wide world. oh, she wept as we went running for the sun. daylight held, i am so tired of fading-shadow scars. midnight king, the butterfly of milkweed and honeysuckle and circuitboard.
kept us on each side of the lichen curtain, oh, they knew what would happen if we met. sun-kissed skin, moon-washed smile, daydream hands as you hold mine like a promise.
so this is my oath to you. a thousand little memories yet to be. think we could make one more journey 'round the world?
oh, how lovely it might yet be: beating hearts, beating death, breathing stardusted hope like the freckles on your shoulders. one day, we'll leave the willow to weep, the wind to whisper, and the world to welcome us home.
bring your favourite shooting stars, spend them like wishes on the moon. one more secret from me to you: don't forget the photograph tucked in your wallet.