The Winter Solstice Feast

on the beginnings of the horsemen; a ghazal-style poem
11/04/2022. total words: 92

Mother said she doesn't like biscuits
and gave all to you but you know her hunger deep.

Her stomach rumbled at the sight of the dinner table
The loss left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Her jealousy ached like a deep hunger
Insatiable and insufferable.

Hunger is increasing day by day
Not only for food, but for wealth and fame.

You tear through flesh.
You hunger for more.

The city it breathes, tell me, father of the winter solstice-
how hungry are you, for the city smoke it trembles and shivers?

Caught in a third-floor elective classroom. The Winter Solstice Feast is a ghazal-style poem, collaborative between Luteia and six other students. Luteia only contributed the last two lines and very slight revisions: the first five stanzas are not his work and the Garden does not claim it. It is posted here because we like it, and for archival purposes. The other students who have contributed to this are of course also allowed to post it. The game was simple: first person picks a word and writes a couplet, we pass the paper, write another couplet using that word without seeing the other couplets at all. Last person writes the last stanza while naming themselves in some way (artist's signature), makes minor edits, and performs it.