The Edge of Dusk

on the last memory of salvation
23/12/2021. total words: 111

The light, blinding, shines yellow as the
sun in the sky, how dare we condemn the heavens.
Your hand reaches for mine, reaches
down into the waiting abyss that sings its harmony.
I think you and I both
know how much up is down and wrong is right.

I broke you. You broke
me, and mended my beating, bleeding heart.
The light shines yellow and once, I
saw that light in your eyes, maddened as the sky.
Ah, how lovely it must have been to
follow your lead. And with beating wings,

against the golden light, I take your hand
once more, and the bells chime for the birth of night.

written in the guise of Jared 'GoodTimesWithScar' Quincy