So Here's to the Night

on surviving. if nothing else, on surviving.
13/11/2020. total words: 245

So here's to the ones who survived.
And here's to the ones that didn't.

Here's to the drunks who can't really stop, that I still love.
Here's to the abusers that I don't need to forgive or hate.
Here's to the ones who love me, here's to the ones still in the dark.
Here's to all us still angry, and here's to all us still laughing.

Here's to the bastards who tried to kill us, here's to the murderers who succeeded.
Here's to the innocent who we couldn't save, here's to the victors who we could.
Here's to the candles that'll burn for a year and a day, for what we couldn't do.
And here's to the poppies in the graveyard field for what we wouldn't.

Here's to the gunfire that still rings in our ears, here's to the marching sound that screams enough.
Here's to the fighters who didn't quit and knew what to do, here's to the bystanders who watched it through.
Here's to the ones who stepped up at the last moment, here's to the ashes of those too late.
Here's to the cruel and here's to the kind, here's to the pariahs and here's to the messiah.

Here's to the ones who survived to see this bright, beautiful, broken morning.
Here's to the ones who didn't make it this far, candlelight still burning.
Here's a drink to you and I, and here's orange juice for the one who'll drive us home.