Quiet Joy

on seeing beauty where it isn't appreciated
29/03/2016. total words: 169

how anything were to say
that it was set down there
to quietly bloom
where not a soul could see

in a city of murk and rain
beauty is found in joy and life
blue and gray have always mixed
but yet, green and yellow are seldom found.

an indoor garden was the best she could do.
she locked herself away to tend to it.
from her fingertips ideas spread and began to grow
but few saw anything but electric light.

she holds the blossom dear to her
whispering long forgotten words
it's a violet one, with saw-edged leaves
it pricks her skin and she drips red.

she loves every blossom in her garden
though not a soul but her can see.
and if one were to only ask
she would name every bloom in the row.

but beauty there is found in rain and murk
and nobody has time for a garden other than she.
but that was never her problem.
that is beauty they will never see.