An Ode to an Angel I Once Knew

on regret and immortality
11/04/2016. total words: 203

Worlds away, your halo still shines bright.
A sealed path from me, I can still hear your silent voice.
In whispered dreams, I don’t know if I did right.
A half-forgotten memory, it had never been your choice.

To come from a world of blossoms silver,
Though you did cry, we left for a world of a twice lit sky.
You may take my cloak, darling, do not shiver
Here, Princess, now you will never die.

A cascading river of golden tresses
And every feather in its place
Adorned by the bluest of all dresses
Bright glowed a halo in its glass case.

Those eyes were warm like the blue-green of an endless sea
Soon turned to red in failing attempts to keep close
My love for you eternal, even if we had not a trace of victory
And soon, endless seas came to the coast.

Do you remember ascending above the rest?
Even silence sings a melody.
If that was truly the end of our quest-
I will always wonder if with that you agree.

Loving angel, dreamy skies ahead
Childish queen, stop not your charade
Powerful Goddess, even if we had never wed
Dearest Princess, never your smile shall it fade.