Monsters Among Mortals

on romantic attraction and prey drives; requested by kayla
21/06/2022. total words: 150

You turn to me and something falls from your face-
something, something intangible.
something no one but me can see, your face it sheds
like a ghostly scaleskin.

You smile and your smile is full of teeth-
oh so very full and serrated.
what's waiting under that scaleskin, I wonder?
what's unsuspecting is tasty, but never as beautiful.

What's pretty is meant to be broken, don't you agree?
the brighter something is, the darker the shadows it casts.
the shadows it casts, so very deep inside they hide
it's only interesting for more than a moment if it lurks within.

What lurks in the shadows can stand in the light and play a role-
and sometimes 'pretty' is a very good masquerade for what's underneath.
the masks fall away and there's nothing there but teeth and shadows
the masks fall away and for once, I see someone on equal ground.