on the sunset down highway ten
10/09/2016. total words: 200

i was riding home one day and i
looked up to the cloudy setting sun
and the mountains extended far
far into the sky
at their summit lay a river,
almost singing out to be crossed.

they say rivers are symbolic
the rushing waters will lead you
to a place that goes by many names
but the one i know it by
and maybe another does too-

but it isn't easily accessed
and you have to try.
i could ride forever and stop only for gas
but unless i truly felt free
i would never cross the river
of evermore.

you cannot ride a motorcycle there, so they say
you cannot drive a car, or walk, or run
you have to fly.
but not in a plane, no.
it must be by your own wings
in order to reach

and when you're there
they say you'll find paradise
but paradise means a happy ending
and there is no such thing as the end.
all you do is go on, yearning for reward
but stories never end, and you cannot reach
just keep going.
prove me wrong, please do.
find for us, find for all of us.