Devil's Pleasure

on beginning, ever so slightly, to wake up
02/04/2016. total words: 173

once upon a time, a girl sang a song
and that song was rife with pain
but all she wanted all along
was for someone to hear her through the rain

years later a devil heard a song of agony
and he wondered who sang in pouring weather
though he found nothing but quiet apathy
from a child who could not undo her tether.

she found herself again with a devil by her side
and laughed when they said she was queen of hell.
hell to her was paradise, but she knew her devil had lied
The world found him dead by chime of the church's bell.

the demons searched for her in a dying world
but like a song of rain and agony she could not be found.
by this time, a queen's wings had begun to unfurl
and she herself was a devil crowned.

now she stands and rules alone
her demons are her own making
and though they serve beneath her throne
only God knows how her spirit is waking.