Depend on Me

on loss, questing, and futility
28/09/2015. total words: 123

Your voice carries through the gale
But even so; it sounds so frail
"A raven can't fly with wings of glass"
So why do you make decisions so rash?

These past few years haven't been nice
Even though we've met naught but twice
The skies are violet, they once were blue
Please don't tell me this is you, fair and true.

You were blinded by rage and sorrow
And now you won't live to see tomorrow
If you had worn goggles, maybe you'd've seen clearly
But I didn't hold your life so dearly
Now you're gone, and I'm alone
What would have happened if you had the throne?
You should have depended on me, in these skies
Maybe then, these wings would fly.

cowritten by Stratos and Luteia