Days of the Magic Kingdom

on never awakening because you never had the wilds
Spring 2017. total words: 131

Did some part of you still scream for the wild?
Amongst all the city smoke and pungent smell
Every road a grid; in the quiet repetition of civilization
and in all of that you never woke up
never saw what really was? Put yourself in a place
Where you couldn't hear your name
Even if you wanted to?

Some part of you surely still could scream for the hunt
Down in the underbrush and the poison white lilies
As you raced against time and law for the scent of blood
carbon decay binding the plants to the metal hulls
as if you were a shell of yourself: still living, somehow.

Did some part of you still scream for the deathless wild?
Or did you lose yourself amongst the choking city smoke?