Desert Poem

on the watcher you pulled down from the heavens
23/12/2021. total words: 154

Some days, some nights, I'm still under that sky.
Almost impossible to grasp the stars that watched us, and all the eyes that didn't tell us why.

Some times, some spaces, on that dusty wind I can still taste our sin.
Almost impossible to see you for what all along you've truly been.

You pulled the stars from the heavens, pulled me from the earth, again and again as day turns to night.
What does it take to bring a god down from heaven's holy light?

The blood soaked the only traces of the wind, ever growing hotter.
How much virtue is a mortal smile, counted against mass slaughter?

Bring home the black powder and lay the traps with a soliloquy of your laughter.
Listen to the angels harmonize for you, even if I can't hear it…
Even if, seeking past these cruel memories of that love, we'll never find our happily ever after.

written in the guise of Jared 'GoodTimesWithScar' Quincy