Plurality Questionnaire

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Original questionnaire here, Luteia decided to fill it out.
06/01/2022. total words: 1105

   Taking a hot second as a break from prompts to clear out my tumblr likes on my main (sorry everyone who doesn't like minecraft youtubers, my queue is now about a hundred posts solely about Third Life SMP, rip) to answer this questionnaire that went around a while ago.

   1. What kind of system are you? (Describe this in any way you like. No need to use -genic or popular terms if you don't want to)
   Soulbonding! It's simple, I maladaptive daydream like there's no tomorrow, and when those characters stop just answering questions and notice that I exist and also that I have a body they can use, then they're soulbonds. It's the usual test of self-awareness.

   2. How many of you are there?
   Currently, five.

   3. How long have you known about your plurality?
   I've been the host of a plural system on and off for pretty well as long as I can remember. How long have I been referring to it that way? Since I was about fifteen.

   4. What kind of spaces/communities do you/did you hang out in? (Both plural-relevant and non-plural-relevant spaces are valid answers, past and present)
   Largely, various fandom communities and the alterhuman spaces. I try not to enter plural spaces due to sysmeds (not because I'm scared, but because I have better shit to do than listen to them), but I still exist.

   5. Had you heard of DID/OSDD/DDNOS before you became plural/discovered your plurality?
   Yes, and never really thought it to be our problem. It's still not, owing to the lack of dissociation.

   6. Do you have a wonderland/innerworld? If so, what do you call it, and what are some things that you and your system members do there?
   The headspace, and it's a lot larger than I normally access since I'm very frontstuck. We have a treehouse, and outside of it is a forest, and beyond that is the Temple and the cliffs and the sea and the mountains. Al and Goni like to garden in the forest, Dohko likes to go for walks, and South loves going to the ocean for a swim. I am frontstuck, but when releasing the front to go into the headspace, I typically find myself wandering around and just chilling.

   7. What do you call your system members?
   Their names, or occasionally 'hey asshole'. But as a group, systemmates typically, or soulbonds if I'm getting nitpicky about it.

   8. If you're plural but don't use the word "system" to describe you&, what word do you use?
   We say system, and our title is the Skyrose Garden.

   9. What are some of the best things about being plural?
   Built-in support group!

   10. What are some of the not-so-great things about being plural? (Any answer is valid- nothing is too minor or too major to be an answer to this question.)
   Plurality is so stigmatized we'd rather never talk about it with anyone who isn't already in the community. Sorry, we refuse to be your introduction to plurality.

   11. Do you have a spiritual or psychological view of your plurality?
   Spiritual, although honestly we don't really care how it happens, it just Does.

   12. Do you ever experience "switching" or "possession" or any sort of change in who controls the body? If so, what do you call it, how easy/difficult is it, and what is it like? Were you always able to do this, or did you have to learn how over time?
   Switching, and I / Luteia am very frontstuck so properly giving up the front is near impossible. Being co-con is fine, though, and rather easy.

   13. How do you and your system mates relate to each other? (Are you friends, family, romantically involved, caretakers, etc.)
   Largely family, and largely by blood - while Dohko and I aren't related to the other three, Goni is Al's and South's blood father. We operate as a family, alongside our partner system.

   14. Have you come out to anybody in real life/in a singlet space about your plurality? How did it go?
   Offline, fuck no. In singlet spaces, sometimes, but we need to be in a position of power to do so. I'd rather not get driven out of spaces I enjoyed existing in.

   15. What kinds of forms and appearances do your system members take on?
   I'm a cross between a chipmunk and a fox. Goni, Al, and South are mermen of a sort. Dohko is a dragon.

   16. What are you and your system members interested in?
   Eating fish, playing Minecraft, tarot readings, and a bunch of other stuff.

   17. What is your life like in the meatworld?
   University student and novelist, primarily.

   18. What are your music tastes? Movies? Favorite colors? Animals? List any other favorites as well!
   We will eat so much salmon. So very much salmon.

   19. Does your system have a host/original? If so, what do you call them? Explain what role they play in your system.
   Me, I'm the host, and you should call me Luteia. My job is to be the system admin, for both the pun and literally. I have the most powers in-headspace, I control largely what goes on. I also control how the headspace works and what powers everyone else can have in it. Occasionally the others can use my powers, but they've learned that since they're so volatile, it's typically a bad idea.

   20. Do any system members have notable relationships outside of the system? Explain them!
   We have a partner system, literally all of five of us are in relationships with others in that system. I also have my own life, although the others don't have too many friends outside our two systems. It's slow going but we'll get there.

   21. If you haven't been plural for your entire life/haven't known about your plurality until later in life: what was life like before plurality compared to life now?
   Quiet. It's a lot louder with five of us in here, and I very much appreciate it.

   22. If you chose to become plural: why? What has changed since then?
   I didn't really choose to be plural, but I could have stopped it if I wanted to, I fully embraced it instead. It's done wonders for mood control and being able to handle things well, because there's five of us and if any of us get overwhelmed, someone else can cover for them.

   23. Is there anything you'd like to say to the plural community at large?
   Some parts of the community will always need to be medicalized. Some other parts will always need to be as far away from the medical fields as possible. Both of these are fine and okay and we can deal with that, so long as we make it clear the difference between "this is a medical-focused space"; and "if you're not medical-focused you are in fact horrible, actually";. There's nothing wrong with needing spaces for specific parts of the plural experience. Just don't shit on everyone else while you're doing it.

   24. Is there anything you'd like to say to any singlets reading this post?
   Stop treating the DSM-V like it's a fucking D & D monster manual. We'renot scary because we exist.