#4 - Weather

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What kind of weather does your source have? Is it very different from Earth, similar, or completely alien? Do you or your fictomere have any special connection to the weather or climate? If not, what kind of weather-based power would you or they want to have?
05/11/2021. total words: 448

   I'm gonna take this one because everyone else is from Saint Seiya and the weather's pretty normal when the Aquarius Saints aren't throwing a hissy fit, and I'm, you know, the skypirate.

   The thing with Lore's weather is that it's very unique despite being really similar to Earth, insofar that it's magical, and it's more hospitable. For starters, the atmosphere is a lot stronger. We cruised airships at twenty thousand feet, so a little below most commercial planes nowadays. On Earth, you should be expecting air so thin you can't breathe it, and it should be -40C outside.
   You could breathe just fine there on Lore, and it was as warm as it would be at ground level, maybe a few degrees colder. Like, we're talking "go up and stand on the roof of your average office tower" breathability and warmth. Bit windy, although we typically had sigils and sails to make it a little easier to hear everyone else. But absolutely a nonissue to be above-deck while cruising at high altitude.
   We still didn't fly through supercells or hurricanes. Only Gladius did that with the Stormcatcher. We stan a terrifying grandma pirate queen. Ahem.

   Lore's weather could be odd, with the two moons and all, but was hospitable really no matter how you swung it. You could absolutely go into the desert and deal with 50C, and so long as you had enough magic, you'd be fine. The environment wasn't likely to decide to up and kill you unless someone actively made it that way. A tornado out in the desert? Yeah, no big. A tornado someone spawned out in the desert? Might kill ya.

   I've been redeveloping my love for extreme weather lately, owing to Pecos Hank and the reawakening, desperate desire to fly again. Wouldn't it be lovely to core-punch a tornado?
   But that's the thing, I don't expect the environment to kill me. I'm from Lore, where it doesn't unless someone wants it to, and since nobody has those powers here, clearly that can't happen. That isn't how it works, and logically I know that. But still. I will happily go stand outside during a storm and stare at the lightning. It'll never hit me.
   One day, I'll go put the recycling to the curb after sundown and I'll look up and see more stars than I can count, two moons (one of which is faintly lavender, and the other a pretty aquamarine blue), and in the distance, a rolling supercell.
   When that day comes, I'll call forth my magic, reach for the part of me that's still a battlemage, call the Night Emerald, and I'll sail the seven skies all the way home.