#3 - Live Action

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Is there a live-action movie or series based on your source? How do the actors and events match up with your noemata? Does anyone look unusual? Is CGI or practical effects necessary to represent the people and creatures from your source? If there are no live-action materials for your source (or if it already is by default), who would you personally pick as the cast and why?
05/11/2021. total words: 113

   The only live action based on any of us is the Classic live-action that's in the works and is starring Sean Bean as the Grandpa Who Fucks (Mitsumasa Kido). However, the only one of us who had anything to do with Classic is Dohko, who actually largely stayed out of the conflict. It's also very early in the works, and we can't have an opinion on it yet.
   As for effects, you'd need Marvel-level CGI or a legion of armoursmiths, probably both to make it look good. As for casting, you're asking a guy who doesn't like movies and his soulbonds who don't much like them either, so uhhh, no idea my dudes.