#19 - Turning of the Wheel

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Does your source have a harvest festival or an equivalent? Do you still observe it? What practices are you able to follow each year?
07/01/2022. total words: 224

   Ah, yes, autumn. When every Spectre wants to do nothing but sleep and I will not celebrate a damn thing, because it interrupts from the sleeping.

   I've already told the story of Mabon, and the other 'harvest festivals' we have are Lughnasadh and Samhain. We also have feast days for the various gods, but those aren't usually a big celebration and don't really count as harvest festivals. Our actual calendar, for the sake of consistency, was borrowed largely from our friends up in Ireland - Tír na nÓg - and so were most of the festivals that aren't directly related to the gods. Ironically, I'd be surprised if they didn't have a feast about Hades, just because we're neighbours and have been strong allies since time immemorial.

   Samhain is not really a festival for us, despite being labelled as such. It's a day of crying and chasing down souls that escaped the Meikai and countless sheets of paperwork. There's a few busier days in the Meikai, but Samhain is the one that involves actual work, and that's never any fun. Being able to sleep through it is a privilege I will take every single time.
   We don't celebrate all too much right now, though. That's likely to change later this year, when we move in with our partner system (if all goes well).