#18 - Temperature

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What is your fictomere's preferred method of dealing with the cold winter months? Does the changing season affect your identity at all?
07/01/2022. total words: 224

   "We're not plants. Yes we are. We're not plants, except for that we are. Yes we're not." -Goni and Luteia, when asked why they have a desperate need to hibernate in the winter

   "Well, Goni's a shark who's worked with roses his entire life, and I'm a deity who was once a demon which is what happens when you dose an ivy plant with god magic. So we're not plants, but we're plant-adjacent. Like how when you were eight and pretended to be a horse or Pokemon at every recess and made a really convoluted world about it and part of you is still that creature, but it never really comes up unless you're reminiscing or something specifically reminds you of it. You've walked away, but it's still there when you call. It's not you, but it is.

   "Plants don't do well in winter, or rather, roses and ivy don't. It means winter is time to drink tea and soup and sandwiches and hibernate until spring. Just... lay low and sleep, and wait for the sunlight to return. As a Devil, I can change the seasons, and winter lasts only as long as it has to. As a man in Greece, it's not really something he worries about.

   "But still... it's time to sleep until the new year, when Ostara wakes everyone up.