#16 - Hobbies

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Does your fictomere have a hobby in canon? Is it meaningful to you, or do you occupy yourself with something else?
07/01/02022. total words: 753

   Saint Seiya canon did not show anything in the way of hobbies. I don't count 'growing roses' as a hobby, it was and remains my job. But when you're not allowed to see anyone from closer than fifteen feet away lest you kill them by breathing on them on accident, and there is no such thing as the internet, well... You find other ways to occupy your time.

   There is a song, early on, in the movie Tangled. Rapunzel bitches about not being allowed to leave her two rooms of a tower, and shows off her many hobbies. I'm going to say flat out that in the fifteen years I was owner of the Pisces Temple, I had far more.
   Wine-making? Of course, I have several books on it and when in doubt, I'll trip over another room dedicated to storing centuries-old bottles my past four predecessors didn't find. Painting? I might not be good at it, but I can try my hand. Making cloth and fabric by hand and then making various tools and clothes out of that? A bit of a necessity when you can't go to the seamstress and get fitted for clothes. Collecting books and spending days doing nothing but reading? Of course, sell some of the wine you have no interest in drinking and get more books for your collection. Taking my father's guitar after his death and learning to compose music? Sounds like a good way to not have to listen to Degel pleasure some girl I don't care for. Figuring out I'm a fish who can breathe the sea and is immune to the bends? Perfect, time to go shipwrecking and ensuring every archeologist in southern Europe at least considers the option of proposing to me.

   Apart from that, I trained, and I kept Sanctuary safe. I was sixteen when I first discovered how my magic was supposed to work, and if it was going to be a lie to me, I was going to lie to the world and make things better. Spells of peace to ease Mavros' mind. Illusions of a full guard when we were running a skeleton crew. Whistling to the sea to calm the waves as they rolled into the harbour during and after a storm. Blessing the crops of the village for a better harvest. Minor spells of healing so fractured bones and dislocated joints would heal a little faster.
   It should be of no surprise to anyone that when dear Jesse invented chemistry in its modern form to me, and Minos started sending letters with poetry baked into every line she penned, that I took both skills as a challenge.

   There's nothing I won't learn if given some time to sit down and do it. I do tarot readings with Luteia, and while working with crystals is so far just confusing me, I'll get it. I like stickers and scrapbooking is something that I think might hold my interest for a while. Programming evades me but mechanics don't.
   Best of all in this world, I love more than most things to swing a leg I don't normally have over the motorcycle and hit the road. So many things are different. I never really got to travel and see the sights as a Gold Saint, it was almost always too risky to send me instead of someone who wasn't a living bioweapon. So when we turn the corner onto Highway 17 and I see all the lights over the river just as the sun dips below the horizon? Well, I was speechless, to say the least.
   I want to see the world. I want to ensure that this body learns to enjoy exercise so I can train, and focus a bit better, and learn to swim again. I want to be strong enough that I can lift our partner system into the air and twirl them in a dance. I want to learn to play an instrument, I had a guitar once and I'd like it back.

   There's so much more to do, and Luteia's body isn't even as old as I was when I died. I'm not going to die in a pointless war this time. I may have a busted knee, but I'm not a lethally poisonous bioweapon. That all means I've got at least another eighty years to learn all the pleasures and joys of a world with the technology to defeat most kinds of illnesses. I'm certainly not going to squander that opportunity.