#15 - Lost Message

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If you could write a letter, stick it in a bottle, and toss it into the sea, who from your source would you want to find it? What would it say?
07/01/2022. total words: 595

   Luteia took one look at this, wrote it down in the prompts.txt we have open, deadpanned "I'm not fucking writing about the Princess," and shoved this one my way.
   And our tarot deck told me I need to work on my issues, so I suppose I should start somewhere... I have two wives, but one of them I can get the attention of by reminding everyone I have chronic hanahaki. So it seems about right that for now, I need to write about the wife I don't get to see.

   If I could write a letter and toss it to sea - be that the Mediterranean or Mag Mell - and dedicate it to someone who isn't here, I think it would be to Arkhes. After all, if anyone can find a letter tossed to sea, I expect it to be the hydromancer of a wolf-witch, even if she's bound to the land and cannot breathe water. And I miss her. I miss her so much.
   Arkhes was not the first person I've dated, nor the last. My polycule has always been a bit gray-edged, hard to tell between friend and lover, sometimes on purpose. But I did marry her, or rather we did, and that makes her as mine as any of my spouses. It was hard to tell sometimes if she was hiding her emotions, hard to tell what she was thinking. As one of the seven Pythias, it was her job as oracle to tell the future and relay it to the concerning parties. It was also her job to tell the future for paying customers, if someone wanted to make the journey halfway up a mountain range to ask them.
   It would make sense, then, that she wouldn't betray her emotions easily, or explain the duress seeing the future puts her under. Luteia is the only one of us who knew other oracles personally, and comparing my wife to his memories of them, I'm going to say that I'm reasonably sure my wife was a goddess of coping with the worst. After all, Sanctuary only let the Pythias live when war came about, and only under gilded cage and chain.
   I miss my wife. It's difficult, honestly, to sit down and really talk about how much I miss her. I can talk about who she was and what she did and a lot of what she thought on different things. She loved us enough to leave gracefully when the Pythias kicked her out, and loved us more to not flinch when she birthed our youngest son in the form of a fish. (Or that she didn't punish our eldest, for asking her every five seconds while in labour if she needed water.)
   Arkhes was many things, but despite being the youngest of the five of us, she was the most solid, the most a foundation to everyone else. Spectres are not often - are rarely - pure of heart or intentions. She was both, and she did what she was asked in all grace.

   I'm not... I'm not good with a pen, or a keyboard. I doubt I ever will be. So my letter to Arkhes would be simple and short: 'Dear Arkhes-my-love, here's where we are, come home, bring everyone who misses us too, we've got room to spare; yours always, Lugonis'.
   She would be quite irked with me for explaining nothing else. But to hear her yell at me in person, when I can press my face to her chest and keep her near?
   I can think of few better ideas of paradise.