#14 - To Each Their Own

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Do you and your fictomere and/or headmates have different tastes in music?
31/12/2021. total words: 116

   This will be a short answer; temporarily skipping 13 until one of us has an idea. Luteia will take any music that isn't twangy country (it's grating, Seanan McGuire is allowed but only with the songs that go hard) or rap (just can't get into it). Goni doesn't really like music, but he'll take some traditional fiddle stuff from Ireland. Al likes a lot of traditional stuff, but he does also enjoy shitty 2000s pop. Like Aqua kind of pop. South loves pop punk and anything that goes hard, so he's been eating The Amazing Devil like there's no tomorrow. Dohko hasn't really decided what he goes hardest with, but instrumentals are pretty good for him.