#13 - Interlude

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05/01/2022. total words: 571

   How to stump the entire system for a week: ask us to tell you a story that doesn't involve bleeding in some major way. We asked our partner system, and Faolan helpfully suggested a few ideas.

   Much as I would like to type out the story of breaking the seal on my memories, that is not a story I'm quite ready to tell yet. So instead, despite the fact it will likely be short, I'll tell a story about Jesse.
   Jesse is my spouse and a fellow Spectre and a scientist far beyond what I have ever really dreamed of. I'm not a chemist or toxicologist as much as I am a horticulturist of blood. Jesse is a time traveler and owner of five Ph.D.s, at least two of which are scientific. When they fell into my garden bleeding to death and not because of the roses that caught them, they were two hundred and fifty years in the past and a few months from several scientific breakthroughs that the resident archeologists' guild simply swooned over. (I did not bite any archeologists over it, thank you very much.)

   But there is something about discovery that I suppose has always been the nature of humanity and Vólta-Paidiá alike. So while I did not have the proper machinery required to create a proper microscope, Shion did, and it's not hard to steal from the Aries Saint if you pay your younger brother twenty drachmae and a bottle of rum to take him to a bar and get him blackout drunk. So down the stairs Jesse and I go at twenty after midnight, and I carry them because standing and going down twelve flights of stairs down a mountain is not their forte, and we dive deep into the Aries Temple and machine some magnifying glass that they can make a microscope out of.

   To be honest, I didn't learn what actual microscopes were like for three hundred years, and when I did, I was quite impressed by how powerful they were. But we could see through well enough that we made a pot of tea at one in the morning, and set about dissecting some of my roses. Also a couple of fish from the stream.

   If it's one thing I associate with Jesse, it's the scent of lightning over harsh cleaning solutions in a greenhouse, working by the light of the full moon and some Witchlight Roses to discover parts of plants I had never known existed. We would do this quite often, a sort of rhythm of discovery, learning as I once did by my fathers' knees, this time with the scientist that would become my lover one day.

   We did not have science the way we do now. Alchemy and chemistry were just becoming different fields in the eyes of academia, after all, and biology wouldn't be invented until after I was gone. And here we were, reinventing eclipsabotany in a way that no one would ever bring outside the Pisces Temple.

   I left that microscope behind when I ran. If it turns out Hayliel threw it out, I will return to Sanctuary once more and I will personally kill her entire family, immortality be damned.
   If she hasn't... I know I can get a better microscope from Amazon given Luteia's credit card, but I think I'd rather just rob my current successor and call it a day.