#10 - Sleep Cycle

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Is your fictomere nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, or something else entirely?
31/12/2021. total words: 614

   How do you avoid everyone who you used to be friends with before they dumped you? Pretty simple, actually.
   Step one: Go to bed immediately after you get home from school. They're all awake and doing shit in the afternoon, nap and you'll never see them.
   Step two: Start your day at like, 1am. Get all your chores done by moonlight and the sound of your record player. You don't need to be loud, nobody remembers you exist, and the silence drives home the loneliness. Nothing you do is loud, anymore.
   Step three: Do all your market shopping the moment the market opens, never make small talk, always ensure you're not the first customer but just early enough they all forget you.
   Step four: When it gets to be too much, start your day by walking out in the Haunted Woods where you gained sentience. Nothing can hurt you, because you came from here once, and everyone else is too spooked by the ghosts of the war to notice anyone went in.
   Step five: Become a Devil, and you'll never have to sleep again. Or see them, unless you drag them to your world.

   The fun part about being a Gold Saint is that you get to set your schedule, unless you're on a mission, in which case nobody cares so long as you leave and return on time. The less fun part is that as a Pisces Saint, nobody checks in on you unless they have a specific reason to. So what ended up happening is that I was largely nocturnal, owing to Spectre duties, but typically awake for dawn and dusk when Ilias wanted me to be.
   But I spent most days asleep. Zaphiri didn't mind overly much.

   It's quite simple when you're a Gold Saint: watch the temples to either side of you, and trust them to watch the next one down. Extend your reach if your neighbour's out. Unfortunately, doing that while also being a comically light sleeper is downright irksome. I knew exactly when Degel got his girlfriend pregnant. He woke me up with the flares of energy around his temple and then I had to go down at two in the morning to yell at him for it.
   When that's how you sleep, you don't really... sleep on a consistent schedule. You sleep when it's quiet, every chance you get. I suppose it helped security, for me to wake up at any disturbance from Sagittarius up and consistently come see what the issue is so I can murder it into stopping, but running chronically low on sleep has been my status quo for years. I am... so very tired.

   Southern Star
   You know, a lot of people my age (aka Luteia) stay up very late and sleep until noon. I am not one of those people. I'm out from noon to just a little after moonrise, and you'd be surprised how often people will buy the 'I'm going out' and immediately assume you're going to train, or meditate, or otherwise harness your Cosmos when in fact you're going to head out to the cove and go take a nap. Night is for Spectre time, and mornings are for Golden Rounds and training and causing problems.
   The fact that I am running on the opposite schedule that I'd like to be, owing to Luteia being shitty with his sleep schedule, is somewhat irksome.

   :How do I sleep?:
   :Between being a father, a Spectre, and a Saint; all during the Holy War... I simply did not! Unless Aiacos ordered me to get some sleep. I needed it badly, heh...:
   :But it's nice to sleep whenever I'd like nowadays, long after the War has ended. Napping in sunbeams will always be a personal favourite.: