Original Fiction

      A repository of original fiction that I have published for free, as parts of anthologies, zines, and around the web. All paid fiction will provide only a link to where you may purchase it, all free fiction is linked and crossposted here. I recommend more that you get the fiction from their original sources, as most, if not all, also contain works of others that you may like. However, I am not going to lock my works behind an anthology nobody can get any more (looking at you, Lupa), and so as much of it as legally possible will be here as well if necessary.

Coming winter 2021 - Worlds Apart - Publishing originally in Inky Paws. A story about monstrosity, heritage, death, and renewal.

05/11/2021 - The Colour of Your Eyes - Publishing originally in When Backlit By Love. A collection of memories based on my 2020 Burlington Vermont trip and my fiance. Due to time constraints, however, I have also chosen to release it here.

05/11/2021 - In Golden Esprit - Published originally in Nature Held Me Close, volume three. Another second-person story (and technical sequel) to For Silver √Član, this time about destruction, rebirth, and the end. Available to read here.

01/11/2020 - For Silver √Član - Published originally in Nature Held Me Close, volume two. A short, second-person story about sacrifice, transformation, and inner wilderness. Available to read here.