Contemporary Essays

      Here is where all nonfiction essays, largely pertaining to alterhumanity (and alterhuman commentary), may be found. This will be updated periodically. Feel free to save to your hard drive. If you wish to repost, contact the webmaster for permission first. If you wish to quote or cite us, Chicago format would be nice. However, please contact us to let us know beforehand. It isn't likely we'll refuse to be quoted, but it is incredibly likely we can go more in-depth for your research.

Current Essay Count: 36.

The Existence of Viridescence

In which Luteia explains himself, largely for his own benefit. (The upcoming essays are planned, but largely untitled.)

The Awakening Stories Copinglinks 101
  • Upcoming - Yomi C'Link Explanation
  • Upcoming - Yukari C'Link Explanation
  • Upcoming - Kiyoteru C'Link Explanation
  • Upcoming - Saberon C'Link Explanation
  • Upcoming - AQWorlds
  • Upcoming - The Gray Garden
  • Upcoming - Evillious Chronicles
  • Upcoming - Pokemon
  • Upcoming - Saint Seiya
Hearttypes 101
  • Upcoming - Shadow Hearttype Explanation
  • Upcoming - Fae Hearttype Explanation
  • Upcoming - Chaos Hearttype Explanation

Transmutation, Transhumanism, and the Looking Glass

In which Luteia expects you to know the basics already.

Community Commentary

In which Luteia bitches about the alterhuman community, or tries to present a contradicting opinion, or otherwise commentates about the state of things.

Essays by the Garden

As they aren't as active as Luteia; for now, all essays done by the other members of the Skyrose Garden, or essays not penned majorly by Luteia, can be found here. Guest essays, if and when they happen, will be listed in a section below this one.

DreamWidth Prompts

System answers to the prompts written out by the Fictionfolk DreamWidth run by Sundragon. These range in word count from a paragraph to an actual essay, and should be counted as such.

  1. Awakening - 05/11/2021 - Luteia
  2. Canon - 05/11/2021 - Southern Star
  3. Live Action - 05/11/2021 - Luteia
  4. Weather - 05/11/2021 - Luteia
  5. Food - 05/11/2021 - Luteia
  6. Action - 06/11/2021 - The Garden
  7. Under Pressure - 06/11/2021 - Luteia
  8. Road Trip - 21/11/2021 - Luteia
  9. Stiff Upper Lip - 31/12/2021 - Dohko
  10. Sleep Cycle - 31/12/2021 - The Garden
  11. Illness - 31/12/2021 - Albafica
  12. Friction - 31/12/2021 - Luteia
  13. Interlude - 05/01/2022 - Albafica
  14. To Each Their Own - 31/12/2021 - The Garden
  15. Lost Message - dd/mm/yyyy - Lugonis
  16. Hobbies - dd/mm/yyyy - Albafica
  17. Animal - dd/mm/yyyy - Southern Star
  18. Temperature - dd/mm/yyyy - Lugonis, Luteia
  19. Turning of the Wheel - dd/mm/yyyy - Dohko
  20. Fresh Start - 08/01/2022 - Southern Star
  21. A Wizard Did It - 08/01/2022 - Luteia
  22. Going Home - 08/01/2022 - Albafica
  23. Wide Open Seas - 21/01/2022 - Albafica, Southern Star
  1. Written by the Victors - 01/03/2022 - Dohko
  2. Powers - 01/03/2022 - Luteia
  3.             Upcoming...

  4. Area of Interest - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia
  5. Longest Journey - dd/mm/yyyy - Albafica
  6. Fandom - dd/mm/yyyy - Southern Star
  7. Lessons Learned - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia
  8. Physical Reminders - dd/mm/yyyy - Lugonis
  9. Great Achievements - dd/mm/yyyy - ???
  10. Day to Day - dd/mm/yyyy - ???
  11. It's Complicated - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia
  12. Musical Connection - dd/mm/yyyy - Albafica
  13. Patience - dd/mm/yyyy - Albafica
  14. Knowledge - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia
  15. Technology - dd/mm/yyyy - ???
  16. Nothing Hurts More - dd/mm/yyyy - South
  17. Morality - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia
  18. Revenge - dd/mm/yyyy - ???
  19. Thunderstorms - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia/South
  20. Flora - dd/mm/yyyy - Lugonis probably
  21. Batman - dd/mm/yyyy - ???
  22. Say Nothing - dd/mm/yyyy - ???
  23. Gender - dd/mm/yyyy - Luteia?

The Upcoming Works

In which Luteia sometimes doesn't have his spreadsheet on hand but intends on writing these either way. Feel free to scavenge for your own essay topics / suggest more for us to do, as always.

  • Community Commentary:
    • Alterhumanity + Fandom: why our boundaries aren't great and old-school fictionkin being annoying in fandom vs fandom shoving its hands in us
    • Voluntarily Otherkin + Respect: community vs evolutionary line, transformation potion, who would you be if not yourself, where the line of malleability is, perspectives changing as you grow
    • Anime Character Fictionkin: A True Rarity because where the fuck did they Go
    • Therianthropy and Otherkinity: Experience vs Identity and why it's halfway not questioning versus not being assed to put a name to it and that intersection
    • Neolabels: Word-first vs Experience-first; aka Lu complains about how much he doesn't understand genderhoarders and doesn't see the goddamn point
    • Otherkin Later in Life: A Chaorruption Essay; because Lu's still irked at fromfiction jumping to the kff just because some of us weren't quite born this way
    • Proship/Antiship Vs Fictionkin; Lu's still mad about that one spaniel who genuinely thought that having a problematic canon makes you a bad person and is honestly very tired of demonkin saying 'proship dni' because they have zero self-awareness. This will probably happen sooner rather than later because Lu's got strong feelings about it.
  • Garden Essays:
    • Goni- Ten Things to Learn as a Pisces Saint Apprentice
    • South- Guilt and Coping Mechanisms and the what now? question
    • Albafica- Being Transspecies essay
    • Dohko- Dragon vs Tiger vs Choices essay
    • Albafica- the Judges' Thrall
    • Goni- How to Court a Spectre
    • South- the Alone essay he's been avoiding
    • South/Goni- the Spectre training / awakening essay.
    • Dohko- gets to talk about the act of cutting away your own humanity.
    • South- write about your connection to third life smp you dumb fish
  • Deification Essays:
    • The Unawakened Deification Essay / learning to be less of an ass about it
    • Divinity and Personal Experience / why I typically don't work with deities of this world, how has my alterhuman identity impacted my spiritual/philosophical journey and relationship with divinity?
    • Personal Pantheons and Deification In the Day To Day / Concepts given names and vague personalities; Zamorak, Brigid, Holly / Oak Kings, Vicers, Chaos, and how Madoka concepts and Madoka herself from my canon all fit into that
    • Godhood Among Humans / How do you handle it day to day? What does it change about my perception of the world? Of religion? If I had the chance to remake the world, would I? How do I interact with other godkin / deific individuals, typically? (From Ivy.)
  • Extended Cut stuff Luteia knows he has some essays in him about
    • Lu figures out what's up with him and StS, future life maybe?
    • Trans and Otherkin: Intersectionality
    • How much does alterhumanity define me? / As a part of me versus all of me? Footnote or the entire thesis? (From Tsuko)
    • Gender and Sexuality via Kintypes: How Does It Interact?
    • Soulbonding, Plurality, and MaDD
    • Nexus Road Trip / Nexus Point Essay
    • Absol Abilities
    • Animalistic Attraction and Adolescence
    • Absol vs Xweetok
    • Not Calling For the Forest: City, Harleys, and Pale
    • Saberon Flaetor, Otherlinks, Personas, Projection, and Reflections / Mirrors
    • Battlemage Archetype Essay
    • Warpriest Archetype Essay
    • I'm A Plant Because I'm Not: Yes I Weren't
    • Noemata 'Type to 'Type / whatever the fuck that means
    • Character-Specific Fictionkin: How It Presents Day to Day
    • Linktypes and Hearttypes / How did they form? What resonates there? What have they taught me, and what attributes of them do I most admire? more generic tbh
    • Being from an Anime: In All Seriousness
    • Faeheartedness and being Irish Diaspora: A Bunch of Theories
    • Shadowheartedness: The Correlation from Hell
    • At least one essay complaining about the Princess. Maybe even two. Probably a DW prompt but also its own thing.
    • It's Not About The Wolves: Awakening, Wolfwalkers, Namelessness and Growing Up
    • The Computational Bass: the things we pick up along the way and take with us
  • Extras
    • Questioning guide you moron. Rani keeps linking one that's like four years old. Although this is a longer one and will be dropped when I return to the community briefly and then I'm goooooone.
    • How to write good feedback on essays that isn't "sucks to be you, fascinating tho".
    • Terminology glossary.
    • Types of shifts glossary...
    • Are we gonna do that time-honoured traditional 30 day otherkin challenge or
    • Akhila's soulsearch/questioning challenge.