NamePale Luteia Meilyn Greenwood
Title(s)Captain, Mr. Sir, Prince
GenderMale, like a prince
SpeciesYour guess is as good as mine lmao
QueernessAromantic (but actually no), bisexual
ZodiacTaurus, Libra rising
Relationship StatusEngaged to Faolan
Magic PrimaryGasoline
Magic SecondaryIrish ivy
Magic TertiaryChaorruption

Captain Luteia (he/him, fae/faer)

      I'm the host of the system, the most prolific, and the one you're probably talking to. So hey. I like motorcycles and am in university and can taste tannins but have a weirdly good palate otherwise. We think I have ADHD, but we're working with a therapist on that. I go by both Pale and Luteia largely, if you want to make nicknames if we're friends that's cool by me. I'm told I have quite the temper, but I'm also very short, so you can understand the kind of stress I am usually under.

      I've been in the alterhuman community since August 7th, 2014, which means this site went up about a week before my seventh anniversary. I have seen the terms 'alterhuman' and 'copinglink' get coined. I was around when the biggest terminology-related argument was "you shouldn't say you're kin with X, say it's your kintype or you're Xkin". I have adamantly refused to leave tumblr in that entire time. I have done panels at Othercon, explained to many people what otherkin is, gotten thrown out and blacklisted from an entire fandom, and started fights with several big-name blogs. I like listening to others' experiences, and I hoard information and data like it's toilet paper.

      My kintypes in full are as follows: Absol, from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia; Captain Meilyn Ranisson, background character from AdventureQuest Worlds; Pale Noel, from Evillious Chronicles: Original Sin Story; and Luteia Greenwood, background character from The Gray Garden by Deep-Sea Prisoner. Yes, I am literally four background characters the entire time. Lucky me. I've been soulbonding via my maladaptive daydreaming disorder as long as I can remember, so this isn't my first rodeo. New enough to the plural community to not know much history yet, here long enough to know sysmeds are the worst.