NameSouthern 'South' Star Icthyessen
Title(s)Mr., Sir, Tideknight
GenderVaguely male-shaped
SpeciesVólta-Paidí, Pisces siren; Tuatha de Danann
QueernessBisexual, polyamorous
Relationship StatusDating... many people.
Magic PrimaryStatic lightning
Magic SecondaryDeep undergrowth
Magic TertiarySeagrass

Southern Star (he/him, they/them)

      The name I go by is Southern Star, South works if you want, and I have this rehearsed after watching my brother slowly collapse from exhaustion. I, on the other hand, do not get tired, only asleep like the dead or rarin' to go, and thus I can be relied upon to actually write a proper introductions. I can't lie, which means it can't be untrue, which means I can write it. I'm the youngest, although not by much, and I have the firm rule of not disclosing my actual identity to anyone who isn't family, who already know who I am and so don't need to ask. I will say that I am a canon character, although he's so utterly unrecognizable that I don't see Lu's point of mentioning that. He says I should just say that and also say that I don't want to be perceived. Being perceived is fine. I just want everyone to not get a completely wrong idea of what I am and forever refuse to understand anything else about me. Since I can't have that, ever, I'll go for not being known at all.

      I think I've adjusted the best to the modern era, over my father and my brother who are both faintly confused at everything that didn't exist in early 1700s Greece. I can't drive yet, but I can do the internet for days on end, so if you're not seeing Lu online it's probably me. I have, unfortunately, been banned from starting internet fights. It has not stopped me from trying, so if you see me trying... please help me start fights before Lu notices and stops me. It would be funny. You know this, and so do I.

      My hearttypes are both familial things (lionhearted and dragonhearted), but I'm not sure I'm so good a writer to be able to pen those into essays, so we'll see how that goes. I like stars and pretty people and killing things and not breaking out in hives whenever I touch metal, which is new and fun. But I'll always try every new thing twice, and I don't get scared off by anything. So I'll be here if you want stuff. Otherwise I'm gonna have to come up with something so I'm not bored, and Luteia says no internet fights, and that kind of seriously limits what I can do. So you should talk to me if we're online. It'll be fine.